Saturday, April 16, 2011

Do you Have the Time?

The times on two celestial bodies will run differently, because the individual bodies’ velocities determine the rate of time flow, due to the equation Δt=Δt’/v[1-(c^2)(v^2)]. This means that while you are on one planet for one hour, less or more time can pass on another relative to whatever your reference frame may be. I believe you know of a great scientist by the name of Albert Einstein. He has given evidence that time between two objects is different when moving in reference to one another. This means that one object will view an event differently than the rest. That concept, that time is different for each object, goes a lot farther in my opinion. You have also heard of a wormhole, no? According to Einstein, a wormhole is a point in space where the space fabric has bent in such a way that two positions, light-years apart in reference to where they are at in the space fabric, are right next to one another. This would imply that it is possible to ‘jump’ through space, bypassing a lot of the distance we would have to travel. Now let me ask you, have you considered the implications of the fact that it may not be only a space fabric, but also a time fabric? In fact, it is easy to view this conceptually. Picture two blankets spread out, one on top of another. The top one is time, and the bottom one is space. They are the fabrics, if you’ll pardon the pun. When the space fabric is bent, the time fabric will bend with it. That is why we can bypass a lot of the time it takes to travel and at the same time bypass a lot of the distance, but that is only when it is bent in the right direction. If you were to put a cone, which would represent a wormhole being formed, underneath both fabrics, the space fabric will bend, as well as the time fabric, allowing us to believe we can shorten the distance between two points as well as the time. Now picture this: Place a cone on top of the bottom blanket, but under the top one. Now we bend time and not space. This might be how one could travel through time but stay on Earth. No distance is traveled, only time. I do not believe it is possible to bend one without the other. My reasoning is that the time has already passed, and the forces that keep the blankets together is too powerful to overcome. I will explain more later in the article. I’ll let you know when we get there.
Now picture these blankets thrown into chaotic limbo, continuously being tossed around, as within a dryer. Some force in the universe must have caused these fabrics to begin their movements. The said dryer, which is representing the universe we live in, continuously spins around, but the actual movement of the blankets inside it is very nearly unpredictable but for an unstoppable tumble. Different parts of the blanket are always touching, and that is how we would supposedly jump between positions in our plane. The time that each world is traveling through stays the same only because the blankets must be attached. That gives sentient beings the ability to measure time, because the past stays in the past, and the future stays in the future, all because the blankets are stuck together. That means that the past cannot be happening in the present right now, rather, it is happening in the past right now. The same goes for the future, though it has not yet been decided upon. It is being decided upon, but in the future, not now. I mean to say that it cannot be decided upon in the present. While we have not determined any information on the edges of our plane in the universe, there are two running theories, both parallel to one another, and I know not which one I favor. I like them both. The first is that these blankets are connected at the edges. This would keep them together, though it would place a limit our plane of existence. The second is a bit more broad (special alert: You are in the midst of a situational and/or theoretical pun. Keep reading.). Picture those same two blankets, not connected at the edges, but tumbling together all the same. Why? I think that it may perhaps be due to what you might consider static cling between blankets in a dryer. Possibly gravity, or maybe some other force, has kept each blanket attached to its match. This theory, as opposed to the other one, allows for an infinitely large blanket. Sounds cozy, doesn’t it?
According to my theory, we now have two chaotically moving fabrics, space and time, that allow us to jump between places in a respectively shorter amount of time, in our own respective plane. So how do we jump between planes, or it may be better said, to a different plane in the same universe? Well, that is explained only in theory, based on what we have evidence on so far. It is the most likely scenario, but nothing can confirm it. Think of your dryer. Why waste energy putting only those blankets in? Why not put more than that one set in there? Place another set. And another, and another, and another, etc. There is an unimaginable amount of room in each dryer, maybe even a whole universe’s worth! That is how we would travel between planes. The blankets aren’t just touching themselves, they converge amongst others as well.
Here we are, as I touched on above. I said I’d let you know when we got to the part where I give my reasoning against time travel, and here it is. Here is the reason why we cannot substantially travel through time, only speed up the flow a tiny bit in reference to another object. Time flows only in one direction, taking us with it like gravity causes an object to fall. The reason time flows in the same direction is easily explained. The dryer only rotates in one direction. It is predictable, yet it causes what we have referred to as chaotic movement. That is why time moves forward. Time travel is very difficult to think possible because the universe has already been through part of its cycle, and hasn’t been to the next part, which has not been decided upon as far as what shall happen.
Time will basically flow the same through all planes, for they are all tumbling in roughly the same cycle. It may differ a little bit, but it won’t change drastically. This causes any traveling at all to a different plane to become an un-perfect science. While you were away from Earth for the last eighteen years, eighteen years have passed on both your current planet and Earth. But while you were gone for only a few hours, only minutes may pass on Earth. In this, you can picture time as though it were a tough bungee cord or spring. It will stretch, but only so far, and it tends to stay in its original form, like time will keep up with itself in all planes. When one time falls a few minutes behind another, it will ‘snap’ back to form. I hope no one stretches it past it’s use. That would not be good.
Ahhh…the conclusion. I love these. It is the one chance you get to thank your readers for suffering through a long and boring article. It is the one chance you have to let them get up from their computer to use the restroom because of laughing too hard. It is the only chance you receive to give your opinion based on no facts whatsoever, but only your personal feelings. Such as the name ‘wormholes’. Who though of this? Worms suck. Whoever named them that fails. I think they should be called moleholes, personally. A wormhole is small, while a molehole would have different ranges of size, and everyone knows that moles are one of the most majestic creatures on Earth. So why wormholes? If you ask me, someone had a few too many josé cuervos during happy hour. Well, the time has already come and gone, so I guess you’ll all just have to suffer with wormholes for now. Haha…Time to go. …adieu…

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